First Time Buyers Trust John Seggerman

Looking for your first home can be an overwhelming experience, that’s why having an experienced real estate agent representing your interests is so important. You need someone on your side, protecting your rights and answering your questions. But your real estate agent does much more than simply show you houses and answer questions; your agent is legally bound to present any offer you wish to the seller, and to negotiate to help you get your dream home at the price that works for you. First time buyers trust John Seggerman to help them navigate the often confusing paperwork.

What John Seggerman Can Do for You

When you sign on with John Seggerman, he will give you his full attention. Whether you are first time buyers, or selling your home and relocating, he will be there for you 100%. From helping you fill out paperwork, to discussing home loan options, John is well versed in what is available in Northern Virginia and the entire DC metro region. He loves first time buyers in part because when he shows them all the options available for funding, including grants, their excitement is contagious. There are many different programs available for first time buyers and when combined with record low interest rates, it is becoming easier to buy your first home.

When buyers discover that their home loan is less than what they have been paying for rent, they are ready to buy. One challenge for buyers is performing their due diligence to ensure that the home they have their heart set on isn’t hiding major problems. John helps buyers through the entire buying process, including his strong recommendation to hire a reputable home inspector to make sure the home of your dreams doesn’t turn into a nightmare.

There are many issues a home can have, from needing a new roof, to HVAC issues, to outdated and dangerous wiring. John Seggerman always recommends submitting your offer contingent on the results of the home inspection. When there are issues it doesn’t mean it’s the end of the road for that house with a great agent like John Seggerman at your side. Repairs can be negotiated and you can still buy that house with his help. No matter what arises, he will be by your side helping you find the perfect home for you.

John Seggerman is Happy to Meet with You at Your Convenience

If you are considering buying your first home or selling the one in which you live, John is more than happy to meet with you to discuss your needs and how he can be of service. He understands how confusing the extensive paperwork is and is there to help. Whatever your real estate needs are, come in and meet with John so he can go over your options, help you understand the process, and make certain your interests are well-represented. Call today and set up your appointment to discuss your homeowner dreams, desires and needs and let John work to make your dream come true.