John Seggerman Offers Home Inspection Tips for Home Buyers

Why Is a Home Inspection So Important?

If you are buying a home, you should get someone you can trust to conduct a thorough home inspection. This is important because homes can conceal to the layperson a wide range of issues with the potential to become serious problems. These can be both expensive and time-consuming to resolve. As a result, if you want to pay a fair price for your new home, you need to make sure that you get a complete picture of its condition, which is where a home inspection comes in.

4 Simple But Useful Home Inspection Tips                                

Here are 4 home inspection suggestions for homebuyers:

  • Most buyers do not have the expertise and experience to conduct a thorough home inspection and in most cases choose to hire a professional home inspector. Make sure that your home inspector is someone that you trust by checking their credentials as well as reading any reviews that may have been independently posted by previous clients.
  • You can let your home inspector do his or her job without distraction but you should definitely be there in person as well. Being present during an inspection offers the opportunity for your home inspector to tell you about potential issues on the spot; “touching and feeling” is more informative than simply reading an inspection report. Better still, you can even ask for clarification about anything you may not understand, which can increase your knowledge base. Finally, if you are present you can ensure that your home inspector is as thorough as you want them to be, in case they miss a particular item of concern to you.
  • That said, you should still read the entire home inspection report, which takes time but should provide you with an array of useful information. If you are particular about how written reports/information are formatted and presented, prior to choosing an inspector you should ask for a sample copy of their report to ensure your comfort level with how it is written.
  • Some people feel that it is alright for them to buy a newer home without bothering to conduct a home inspection. This is generally a mistake because different homes were built to different standards, meaning that newer homes have been known to have potential issues because of either bad design or bad construction. Even if you believe that a home is in good condition, you should still get a home inspection conducted because the unthinkable can always come to pass.

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